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Hairstyling Program

Course start dates are conveniently spaced throughout the year. Contact us for exact dates
49 week program, 1600 hours full time (includes 160-250 hours of clinical experience in salons)
Hours of study may be adjusted due to unforeseen reasons.

The Cosmetology Association of NB 2011-2012 & 2013-2014 Awards:
The Majestany Institute Wins Highest Practical School in New Brunswick

Majestany Institute's Hairstyling program is a pre-employment course covering all phases of the necessary skills required to become a qualified Hairstylist. This program includes a combination of theoretical instruction and practical application conducted within a fully equipped and licensed salon / school. 

Majestany Institute offers you unsurpassed training using the latest methods and techniques while experiencing the Aroma's and rituals of Aveda.

This pre-employment program is divided into both theoretical instruction and practical applications. Practical applications are performed in a fully equipped and licensed salon/school.

At Majestany Institute, our objective is to fully prepare you to enter into the Hairstyling Industry, as well as understanding the Aveda experience.

Upon successful completion of this program, students are awarded a diploma and are eligible for the New Brunswick Provincial Aesthetics examination.

  • Salon / Ethics

  • Shampooing, Rinsing

  • Sanitation and Sterilization

  • Personal Development

  • Permanent Waving

    • Basic Techniques

    • Directional Techniques

    • Spiral Techniques

    • Piggyback Techniques

  • Hair Coloring

    • Basic Color Theory

    • Foils

    • Dimensional Coloring

    • Advanced Techniques

  • Hair and Scalp Treatments

  • Chemistry of the Hair

  • Pin Curls, Finger Waves, Roller Sets

  • Hair Structure

  • Cosmetology Association By-Laws

  • Hair Cutting

  • Ladies Cutting

  • Men's Clipper Cutting

  • Texturizing

  • Razor Cutting

  • Advanced Cutting Techniques

  • Hair Styling

    • Basic Styling

    • Creative Styling

  • Long Hair Up-Do's

  • Long Hair Braiding

  • Braids and Extensions (Introduction)

  • Client Relations

  • Reception and Telephone Skills

  • Merchandising

  • Owning Your Own Salon ( Salon Management )

  • Aveda Certification (Students registering in January 2019)

  • Grade 12 (minimum level 3) or GED

  • Must be 18+ years of age prior to completion date.

  • Mature Students: Must be 21 years of age with completion of Grade 10

  • Must provide proof of age, and minimum grade 10 education

  • Salon Opportunities:

    • General Stylist

    • Permanent Wave Technician

    • Wig Stylist

    • Hair Straightening Technician

    • Hair Colorist

    • Hair and Scalp Specialist

  • Management:

    • Salon Owner

    • Salon Manager or Supervisor

    • Concessionaire ( Beauty Salon, Dep.Store, Chain Salons )

  • Educational Opportunities:

    • Teacher

    • Instructor of Related Subjects

    • Councelor

    • Trainer of Teachers

    • Examiner

    • Educator for Manufacturers

    • Guest Artist

    • Owner / Director of a Private School

  • Industry / Competition Opportunities:

    • Merchandising:

      • Buyer / Assistant Buyer

      • Sales Person / Direct Seller

    • Science and Manufacturing:

      • Demonstrator or Manufacturer

      • Representative

      • Researcher / Assistant

      • Trade Technician

    • Competition Work:

      • Ladies Styling Competitor

      • Ladies Cutting Competitor

      • Fantasy Competitor

      • Men's Cutting Competitor

      • Up-Do Competitor

Effective 2024

Student Fees


(Student Protection fee, Registration with CANB, Photo ID, Registration, Exam Fee)



$3,325 value
  • Milady Hairstyling - CIMA

  • 3 Female Cutting Mannequin Heads

  • Long Hair Competition Mannequin

  • Clipper & Trimmer

  • Tools necessary to complete this program:

  • Combs Sam Villa

  • Brushes Sam Villa

  • Clips

  • Blow Dryer

  • 2 Curling Irons

  • Designer Shear Sam Villa

  • Flat Iron Sam Villa

  • Razor Sam Villa

  • Mannequin Scissors

  • Texture Shears Sam Villa

  • Cape

  • Hair Extension Kit - Including practice hair and supplies for four types of extensions.

    Please Note: All Kits may be subject to change due to supply and demand.

  • Video Library

  • Guest speakers upon availability

  • Black Scrub uniform

  • Black pants

  • Soft sole shoes (sneakers or closed toe shoes)

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