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Lash & Brow Technician

The Lash and Brow Technician Program offers 375 Hour Program / 25 Hour week / 15 weeks, divided into both Theoretical and Clinical Experience.
Hours of study may be adjusted due to unforeseen reasons

At the Majestany Institute, our objective is to fully prepare students to confidently enter the Practice of Lash and Brow Technician. Upon completion of required elements, students are eligible to attend the CANB Provincial Exam. The Theory element has the option of some at home study, and the Clinical applications are performed in a fully equipped and licensed school/salon. 

Scattered Makeup

  • History

  • Business, Professional Image

  • Infection Control / Sanitation Regulations (Standards & Precautions)

  • Lash Anatomy, A.C.T. Hair Growth

  • Eye Shapes

  • Chemistry of Adhesive and Lashes

  • Skin (around the eye) and Eye Disorder

  • Muscles of the face and eye

  • Equipment

  • Brow Tinting Theory

  • Tweezing, Brow Shapes, Mapping

  • Nutrition

  • Career Planning

  • Retail & Services

  • Tools of Trade

  • Product Knowledge

  • Lash Enhancements

  • Tinting / Tweezing / Lamination

  • Consultations

  • Lash Removal

  • Volume Application

  • CANB Act and By Laws


  • Bella Classic Kit

  • Bella Volume Kit

  • Bella Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Kit

  • Bella Practice Education Bundle

  • Lash/Brow Tint (2) & Developer Tweezers

Please Note: All Kits may be subject to change due to supply and demand.

  • Black Scrub Uniform Top

  • Black Pants

  • All attire must be professional and appropriate

  • Non-scuff soft sole shoes, (white / black sneakers or nurses shoes)

  • Shoes must be closed toe

Effective 2024

Student Fees


($48 Student Protection fee, Registration with CANB, Photo ID, Registration, Exam Fee)




Grade 12 (minimum level 3) or GED
Must be 18+ years of age by the end of your program

Mature Students: Must be 21 years of age with completion of Grade 10

* Must provide proof of age (Photo ID or birth certificate), and education

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